Food and supermarket export license

Business is a very broad field. A large part of the profits of producers and broadcasting companies lies in exports. Having a broad horizon in global markets will help you sell your products to buyers across borders. As a result, you can take over more parts of the market and thus improve the profitability of your collection.

One of the most important challenges faced by producers of food and supermarket products is the method of obtaining a license to export food and supermarket products. These kinds of products usually have a long expiration date and they slowly deteriorate. Therefore, they can be easily injected in the global markets and thus become profitable. But the point is, what is the method of obtaining a food and supermarket export permit? Do you have to go through difficult and complicated steps to get this license or can you go through the steps easily?

One of the most important points that you should know in order to obtain a food and supermarket export license is that going through these steps requires full knowledge of the export laws. You must be fully familiar with the requirements, laws and standards of the country and the destination country and perform administrative processes such as obtaining a health permit, food and drug organization permit, and obtaining a commercial card and customs approval. Familiarity with the key elements in the supply chain and complete knowledge of the food distribution and distribution system in the destination country are all among the important things that should be considered in this process.

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You cannot be engaged in production and at the same time communicate with suppliers on other continents. Finding suppliers in other countries and communicating with distribution chains is not so easy. This subject requires expertise, knowledge, skills and strong communication. This is the reason why we recommend for this purpose to cooperate with groups that have specialized activities in the direction of exporting food and supermarkets abroad. Paya collection is one of these collections. You can obtain food and supermarket export licenses through Paya Group and easily send your products across borders to attract a rich community of buyers in other countries of the world.

Exporting food and supermarkets in Iran has a very low political risk, especially if the producer has just entered the market. Producers can cut off their relationship with the destination country and stop the export process without incurring any financial losses. As a result, exporting food and supermarkets in Iran can be considered as one of the least dangerous, least risky and most profitable ways to generate income for production complexes in Iran. Of course, all these benefits will be achieved on the condition that the producer groups cooperate with reputable companies in the field of export.

Paya Group, as one of the most expert professional groups in the matter of exporting food and supermarket products, undertakes zero to one hundred food and supermarket exports in Iran for producer groups. From the process of obtaining a license to the stages of packaging, marketing, pricing, quality control, and customs affairs. We have continuous business relationship with supply chains in the destination countries and select the best markets to sell your products. Do not doubt that after some time has passed from the process of exporting products and observing the growth rate of profitability, this connection between your collection and Paya will never be broken.


Food and supermarket export conditions

Exporting food products has made it possible for residents of each continent to have access to products that cannot be produced in their country. Climatic conditions do not allow the cultivation of many agricultural products in many countries, and this issue has become a tool for the development of food exports. The conditions for exporting food and supermarkets, especially in Iran, are very ideal conditions. The community of Iranians abroad is expanding every day, and this means that you, as a manufacturer, have a ready and active platform to offer your products to Iranian and non-Iranian buyers in larger global markets.

On the other hand, many Iranians living in European, American and Australian countries have a completely Iranian taste due to years of living in Iran and cannot easily communicate with foreign foods. As a result, exporting food and supermarkets will provide them with the possibility to use Iranian food anywhere in the world. Therefore, global food markets can be considered prosperous markets, especially for Iranian products, because Iranian products are basically compatible with any kind of taste.

Since the producers have to focus mainly on the food production process, they will not have the necessary opportunities and facilities to deal with export matters. So, the best solution for these production groups is to outsource the export to reputable agencies in this field.

The conditions for food and supermarket export are almost there for most food producers. Therefore, if you are active in the field of food production and want to have a powerful and effective activity in the global market, we recommend you to use the services of Paya Collection. No doubt there will be enough space for your body width in the international markets.

How to export food and supermarket

Many food producing groups leave this serious and important action to specialized agencies in the matter of food export due to lack of knowledge about how to export food and supermarkets. Having sufficient information about export laws, tariffs, export procedures, obtaining the necessary certificates and permits from various organizations is a completely specialized matter.

To start exporting, you must obtain a license from the Ministry of Health, a license from the Food and Drug Organization, and a business card. Payment of export tariffs is another important issue that must be addressed in the stages of food and supermarket exports. These tariffs change over time, so it is very important to know the daily rates. This issue will help you a lot in estimating the cost of food and supermarket exports.

One of the most important points to be aware of when exporting food and supermarkets is the packaging of products.

How to export

The method of packaging and labeling products has special rules that some producers may have incomplete or crude information about. For this reason, they employ professional food export companies to pack and label their products. This is actually one of the most important services you can get in Paya Collection.

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In the continuation of the process of exporting food and supermarkets, relevant permits must be obtained from the Ministry of Health, customs approval must be obtained, and an introduction letter for the export of goods must also be obtained. In the continuation of these measures, it will be possible to send packaged goods and export them. One of the most important measures in the process of exporting food and supermarkets is the implementation of quality control tests. The health organization is particularly sensitive to this issue and valid certificates for the health and quality standards of food products must be provided. These services can also be performed by a reliable specialized agency.

Export price

Food and supermarket export prices

An important issue that often challenges producers is determining the export price of food and supermarkets. In this discussion, two prices are raised. One of the cases of this debate is the pricing of goods and the other debate is the issue of determining the price of the export process. We will examine the second case in the cost of food and supermarket exports. So let’s dedicate this section to the price of the products.

Product pricing has its own rules. The price set by the traders for the goods is reviewed by the Customs Tariff Commission. In fact, every food item has a price that has been determined and approved by the government. The price list of ready-to-export food should be provided to customs and other relevant bodies in the form of a list. As a result, you cannot apply arbitrary pricing on products. Determining the price of these products should be done under the supervision of the bank and financial authorities. This issue will prevent the occurrence of inflation and disruption of the financial order of the market both in the country of origin and in the country of destination.

Food and supermarket export steps

One of the important reasons that producers entrust the process of food export to broker companies is that they are not familiar enough with the process of food and supermarket export. This topic not only requires familiarity and expertise, but it is a full-time expertise and profession on its own. Therefore, it is natural for producer groups to entrust the implementation of food and supermarket export procedures to the relevant groups for the convenience of their work and to speed up the export process.

Getting to know the government laws, getting to know the laws passed by the customs office, getting to know the fees to be paid, getting to know the export and import laws and how to get a business card is not something that producers need to get to know. These items are fully and completely observed by the food export collections.

Different steps are taken in the stages of food and supermarket export. Some of the most important steps to be taken in this process include obtaining food and supermarket export licenses. The method of obtaining this license is different from the licenses obtained for other goods. You need a business card to obtain this license.

Export steps

After going through the procedures of obtaining the Ministry of Health and Quarantine license, obtaining the standard certificate, Food and Drug Organization license and commercial card, atomic energy certificate and baling list license, the food export license will be issued to you by the customs.

Marketing of products in the destination country, presentation and issuance of proforma, product pricing and price approval, quality and health testing of products in quality and health control laboratories, product packaging and labeling, obtaining inspection permit, obtaining certificate of origin and contract with insurance company All of them are other steps that must be taken during the export process of food and supermarket. All these steps will be completed by Paya company without the slightest defect.

So don’t worry if you don’t have any mastery of these steps. Our experts and specialists in Paya will do all these steps one after the other without interruption.

The cost of exporting food and supermarkets

The different climatic and economic conditions that exist in the countries have created the need to export food. Many buyers in different countries have different tastes because basically many residents of a country are immigrants. For this reason, the food export market is a profitable market. But without a doubt, one of the constant questions of producer groups is, how much is the cost of exporting food and supermarkets? Is this cost against the profit that is obtained worth putting the effort in the way of food export and bearing these costs?

Undoubtedly, the export of food and supermarket has a different cost compared to perishable food or fruits and other products such as clothes and electronics. Therefore, if one of your friends and acquaintances works in another field and tells you a rate as an approximate rate of food and supermarket export costs, do not take this rate seriously. The cost of food and supermarket exports depends on many parameters.

One of the most effective parameters in the cost of food and supermarket exports is the volume of exports. What volume of products do you intend to choose for export? Of course, the larger the volume of your export, the more you will have to pay for export, but on the other hand, if you look at the issue of profitability, you will see that the profit rate from sales High volume products will be more for you.

The destination country you have chosen for export can determine the cost of food and supermarket exports. The closer this country is to Iran, this cost will probably be lower for you. But on the other hand, if you choose more distant countries, you will usually need to pay more. For example, the cost of exporting food and supermarkets to the countries of Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Syria and Turkey will be lower than the cost of exporting food and supermarkets to European and American countries, because basically the cost of transportation in these routes is much lower than in distant routes. It is like America. However, the market for your product may be so hot and prosperous in America or Europe that you are willing to pay this high price. Because the high rate of profitability will compensate this cost.

Another important factor that affects the cost of food and supermarket exports is exchange rate fluctuations. Many of the costs that are paid in the export process are estimated according to the exchange rate. Therefore, it is natural that with the rise and fall of the exchange rate, the cost of food and supermarket exports will also change. Therefore, this cost cannot be considered the same for a certain amount of export in different time periods. This cost changes and fluctuates over time.

To export food and supermarket, you need documents such as commercial card, health and drug and food certificate, license from the Ministry of Health, warehouse bill, customs receipt, product list, product weighing documents and insurance contract. Surely, your capital should be enough to be able to pay these expenses. Among these items, you should also enter the costs related to taxes, customs duties, fixed tariffs, transportation costs, and warehouse costs. As a result, it is possible to estimate this cost according to different parameters.

You can get in touch with our experts in Paya to know the cost of food and supermarket exports, so that in addition to knowing the rates, you will also be aware of the export conditions and receive professional and specialized advice in this regard.

Iran’s food and supermarket exports

One of the most important concerns of Iranians who intend to immigrate to other countries is always how to access Iranian food. Until a few years ago, when the export profession was not very prosperous, many residents of foreign countries used postal services to access food inside Iran. In this way, acquaintances and relatives inside Iran would send them the food products they wanted. Nowadays, with the expansion and development of Iran’s food and supermarket exports, such other challenges are meaningless. People anywhere in the world can easily access first-class Iranian food. Export companies provide perfect and ideal services to food producers in this regard.

Iran’s food and supermarket exports can create a good market for domestic producers in other countries. Many times, producers complain about the lack of prosperity in domestic markets, while they can take advantage of Iran’s supermarket and food export services to easily take over global markets and increase their profitability incredibly.

Many Iranian brands have excellent quality in the field of food and supermarket production. Products such as packaged pistachios, saffron, rose water, Iranian spices and snacks usually have many fans anywhere in the world. The quality of Iranian products is such that even foreign brands cannot offer the same quality as these brands. For this reason, if these producers start to develop and export their products to other countries of the world, they can gain a profitable part of the market in a short period of time.

Paya Group, as one of the strongest groups providing food and supermarket export services in Iran, has provided the best services for established and new Iranian producers. It doesn’t matter how old your collection is. We will help you to introduce your products in global markets and easily reach a large part of loyal buyers. It is enough to leave zero to one hundred stages of food and supermarket export. You will surely be surprised by the result of this trust.

Food and supermarket exports in Iran

Every country must step into the field of export in order to show its strength in the field of production. This is actually the responsibility of the producers to find the ability to compete in the global markets by producing and supplying quality products. Exporting food and supermarkets in Iran is not only an effective measure for global branding for producers, but also an important measure to boost the national economy.

By exporting their products and injecting them in global markets, manufacturers can introduce their brand in the global arena and find loyal buyers from all over the world. Branding is one of the most important actions that every manufacturer should do. In addition to this, we have the national economic promotion, which can greatly help the domestic market in Iran. Therefore, exporting food and supermarkets in Iran is a two-sided game that can be effective and beneficial for both the producer and the domestic economy.

Producers exporting food and supermarkets in Iran can receive export support from the government, which in turn is very effective. Expanding the circle of communication and relations with other countries of the world can bring good things in cultural fields. Undoubtedly, many Iranian food products are unique to Iran and contain a sign of Iran’s culture and history. As a result, with this action, Iranian products can be introduced in the world markets and provide the basis for knowing the culture and background of Iran.

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