1. Sourcing

Direct sourcing is a great way to eliminate middlemen and choose products with the desired quality and a more suitable price. The advantages of direct purchase can be mentioned as reducing costs, benefiting from timely support and services from the manufacturer, direct monitoring and control, as well as the possibility of custom production. With several years of presence in the Iranian food market and cooperating with a wide range of evaluated producers, our commercial team is ready to fulfill your orders with your required conditions in the shortest possible time.

2. Order Placement

If you are faced with a long and varied list of products and you do not have enough time to source and negotiate with suppliers of each product, or are looking to develop a new product portfolio and suppliers with more suitable conditions, our commercial team, with knowledge of the daily prices of goods and continuous working relationship with most suppliers, has the ability to negotiate effectively on the price and conditions you require and carry out your orders, its related administrative affairs and delivery.

3. Complaints and Non-compliance Follow-ups

The goal of our commercial team is to implement the most effective solutions in order to reduce the risks related to the supply of goods as much as possible. To this end, by applying strict quality/quantity control, any non-compliance with the agreed conditions is identified and matters related to compensation, correction and/or replacement are performed as post-purchase services by our commercial team.

1. Monitoring and Reporting

Controlling and documenting the quality and quantity of goods, packaging and means of transportation (container/truck) and preparing written and visual reports on the production, packaging, receiving and loading of goods by our representatives or independent inspection companies.

2. Product Sampling and Testing

Carrying out random sampling of shipments at the time of delivery and sending them to accredited laboratories to measure your requested parameters and prepare a status report on the compliance of the agreed values with the suppliers.

1. Labelling and Jet-Print

Printing the exp. and b.b. dates along with other requested information on the packaging of goods by jet printer and printing/installing labels in different sizes with your requested information such as the importer’s name, batch no., production date, best before date, ingredients, allergens, nutritional value table and more.

2. Private Labelling and Packaging

Carrying out design, production and custom packaging of bulk products such as dried fruits, saffron, dried vegetables, etc. in different sizes and packaging types with your private label.

3. Packing of Fragile Goods

Packaging and preparation for fragile and sensitive goods such as glass and pottery with protective layers.

1. Cargo Consolidation

Unloading and consolidating orders from different sources and performing all cargo preparation operations such as: re-packaging, printing and installing labels, palletizing, stretch wrapping and strapping and loading containers.

2. Warehousing

Storing and maintaining goods in a food-grade warehouse and shipping goods periodically according to your shipping schedule.

3. Domestic/International Shipping

Coordination of domestic transportation of orders from manufacturers to our warehouses and coordination of international transportation by land, sea and air and provision of cross-stuffing and re-export services by our business partners abroad.

1. Customs Formalities

Carrying out all the export customs formalities, from entrance to departure of the cargo from the customs all over the country.

2. Certificates & Approvals

Obtaining all licenses and certificates related to the export of foodstuff such as: certificate of origin, phytosanitary certificate, fumigation certificate, health certificate, standards, manufacturer declaration, inspection certificates and embassy attestations if needed.

3. Commercial Documents

Preparation of all commercial documents such as: proforma, commercial invoice, packing list and declarations according to your request and forwarding the originals by postal services.

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