in Export from Tehran Border concerns are one of the constant concerns regarding Export from Tehran. Border concerns include restrictions, obstacles, and prohibitions that exist in Iran’s borders regarding exports. Over and over again, illegal border exports in Iran have caused serious damage to the country’s economic body. This is why the Iranian government is taking border concerns seriously.

Border concerns Export from Tehran

Among the border concerns that exist in the discussion of export and import is that some goods should not be exchanged in large quantities at the border. Some export and import companies have the permission to import goods to Iran to the extent of meeting the needs of border families.

On the other hand, some goods are not for sale according to customs. The import of these goods has an allowed ceiling. One of the border concerns is that the allowed ceiling for import and export is not respected by commercial companies. For this reason, strict laws have been enacted to address these concerns. Contact our experts to find out about the conditions for exporting food products

Traders who intend to exchange at the borders must have a border exchange card. Otherwise, cross-border exchange is not allowed. On the other hand, it is very important that the legal bodies agree with the export of goods by these companies.

It is very important for these companies to comply with the export and import limits. For example, according to the law, a certain amount of export of goods may be allowed for each person per year, and in exchange for this export, the import must be done with the same amount. Failure to comply with these rules can cause border concerns.

Border residents have a certain amount of customs exemption. This is true for border markets. One of the most important border concerns in Iran is the existence of border markets. In many cities of Iran, there are local and border bazaars that trade goods with the other side of the borders.

For export and import in these markets, a written commitment is required. Entry and clearance of goods in these markets must be done by presenting the sales invoice of the opposite country and there is no need for a proforma and bill of lading. Some of the border concerns are related to the violations that take place in this area.

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Consolidated orders from Tehran

Tehran is the capital of Iran and it is natural that a large part of Iran’s exports are made from this province. Many factories in Tehran are working in various fields and are preparing the way for export. Tehran not only carries a large part of Iran’s exports, but also excels in the import sector.

Consolidated orders from Tehran are targeted at dozens of countries. Countries such as Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, UAE, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Iraq are among the countries whose names appear in consolidated orders from Tehran.

Most consolidated orders from Tehran include products such as industrial products, agricultural products, food products, carpets and petrochemical products. Among all these products, a major part can be allocated to agricultural products and food. Consolidated orders from Tehran are issued from Gharb and Imam customs.

In the case of non-oil exports, we should also mention the rising figures. Exports from Tehran for non-oil products are increasing and this can be a happy news for the economy.

Combined orders from Tehran are about 20 percent of the whole country. Of course, this rate for Tehran is around ten percent. However, one fifth of the country’s exports are allocated to Tehran province, and it seems necessary to pay special attention and focus on exports from Tehran.Contact our experts for information on exporting food to Australia

partners Export from Tehran

When we talk about export partners, we often think of distant countries and neighbors. This issue is also true for partners Export from Tehran. The export partners from Tehran include the countries with which most of Tehran’s trade has been done with these countries. In fact, these countries are considered to be longtime friends and allies of Iran and Tehran in terms of export and import.

What the statistics tell us is that the biggest partners Export from Tehran are countries in the Middle East. Although countries like Russia and India are also in the list of Tehran’s export partners, the names of countries like Iraq, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Pakistan, UAE, Afghanistan and Oman are also seen in the list of Tehran’s export partners.

The improvement of the political situation with the countries of the Iranian region, especially in the Middle East and Asia, has led to a very good growth in the economic situation. Although the sharp drop in other sectors sometimes does not allow this growth to be visible, the 23% growth of Export from Tehran compared to last year can be seen in the analytical charts.

Germany is one of the European countries whose name is still visible in the list of Tehran’s export partners. In addition to the names of the mentioned countries, countries such as China, Holland and Italy can also be mentioned


Find the seller and supplier active in Export from Tehran

If you want to be successful in export from Tehran and importing and go through the profitable process faster than it is, it is necessary to find an active seller and supplier in Tehran. For this purpose, you should get help from expert companies. Of course, finding active suppliers can take a lot of time and energy.

There are many companies that have experience in this field. In fact, active suppliers give you the opportunity to go through the production process with the lowest cost and enter the revenue generation cycle.

In order to find the best active seller and supplier in Tehran, you must pay attention to important parameters. The supplier must have a legal activity, the transaction with him must have the most profit and benefit for you, and on the other hand, he must provide you with the highest quality.

Therefore, if you want to be successful in this field and act as a main lever in the production cycle and economy, you must find the best active seller and supplier in Tehran. For this purpose, you can contact our experts in Paya Collection to get the necessary information about this completely.

Transportation in Export from Tehran

The location of Tehran province in the best position of the country has made the economic, political and administrative activities in it more prosperous. Export and import of goods is one of the most important economic activities, one of its poles in Iran is Tehran province. There are more than seventeen thousand production units in Tehran, and the number is increasing every day. Therefore, the issue of transportation from Tehran in terms of export is also very important in this province.

The export products that are intended for transportation from Tehran include food products, pharmaceutical products, petrochemical products, electronic equipment, military weapons, cement, textiles, and chemical and automotive products. A large number of greenhouses in the country are located in Tehran, and a large part of the products that are targeted in the transportation process from Tehran can be assigned to this area.

Various methods are considered for transportation of export from Tehran. One of these methods is land transit. Transportation from Tehran by land is the least dangerous and least expensive method of transportation. Especially in the field of exports to countries that have land borders with Iran. Of course, in many cases, there is no other way than air transportation.

However, the combined transportation method is also of special interest. Transportation from Tehran includes land and sea transportation or rail and sea transportation in a combined way. In this mode of transportation, different modes of transportation are combined.To know the conditions and services of food export companies in Tehran, contact our experts.

Export from Tehran

A large part of Iran’s exports is devoted to Export from Tehran. Tehran city accounts for about ten percent of Iran’s total exports and Tehran province accounts for about twenty percent of exports.

Agricultural products, greenhouse products, petrochemical products, food products, handicrafts and carpets and local products are Export from Tehran to countries such as Russia, China, Turkey, Pakistan and Armenia. As a result, the export from Tehran can be considered a prosperous export. Out of a total of 37,000 business cards issued in the country, 17,000 cards, i.e. more than half of them, belong to Tehran.

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