If you are one of those manufacturers who always have big dreams and goals, surely this question has arisen for you, how can I Aggregate exports from Iran? One of the constant concerns for new people in this profession is how they can join the Jirga of exporters? How to globalize your brand name?

How can I Aggregate exports from Iran?

In order to be able to export your product, you must first have a strong strategy. Therefore, you should get help from an expert consultant in business affairs and make a strong plan for export. Having a marketing strategy, market research, analysis of competitors and measuring the potential of international markets for product sales can be a good starting point for Aggregate exports from Iran.

Examining the amount of supply and demand in international markets, estimating costs, measuring new production technologies, estimating the profitability rate, choosing the way to enter the market, and identifying high-use goods in each market are among the most important parts of this strategy. You need a comprehensive and complete market research. Contact our experts to find out about the export conditions of supermarket products

Knowing the reforms needed to be applied to export products is another important point that should be done in the process of Aggregate exports from Iran. Many products need to change the shape and dimensions of the packaging, change the label or even change the formula to be exported to the world markets.

Obtaining legal licenses, including health license, atomic energy license, standard license, environmental license and other legal licenses is also very important. It is not possible to export without these licenses.

Finding a supplier and signing a contract with buyers on the other side of the border, sending a product sample and getting the buyer’s approval, preparing an insurance policy, sending a certificate of origin, obtaining a commercial card, obtaining an export license, entering into a contract with shipping companies, customs formalities, formalities Warehousing and customs clearance is one of the most important measures that must be taken to export goods. Finally, it is loaded and sent to the destination.

Exporting goods from Iran is not as simple as putting it on paper. Taking advantage of the presence of an expert and professional consultant can clarify the ambiguities of this rather dark path for you. Paya Group, which provides the services of aggregating exports of goods from Iran, is at your service in this regard.

What are the top 5 exports of Iran?

Iran is one of the active and dynamic countries in the field of exports. Aggregate exports from Iran has helped Iran’s economy straighten up once again and cover the problems of the last few years, especially the sanctions, which we all know about their destructive effects. Popular goods from Iran are exported all over the world. We will see economic growth in the country when import and export are balanced on both ends of the scale.Contact our experts to find out about the conditions for exporting food products .

Oil and oil derivatives are one of the main export goods from Iran. Oil, gas and petrochemical derivatives are ranked high. However, the export of oil and oil derivatives from Iran cannot be considered as a happy issue because usually these products are sold at a low price and cause economic stagnation and trade imbalance more than profit.

However, there are other products whose export has been able to improve the economic situation to a great extent. 95% of total Aggregate exports from Iran go to Asian countries. Countries like Iraq, UAE, Afghanistan, Turkey, Indonesia, Oman, India, Thailand and Russia are good hosts for Iran’s export products.

The top 5 exports of Iran can be considered to include oil and oil derivatives, food products, pharmaceutical products, industrial parts and all kinds of metals and alloys. Products such as methanol, rebar, ammonia, base oils, natural gas, ingots, vegetable oils, saffron, dates, pistachios, and carpets are among Iran’s main exports.

Iran (IRN) exports and business partners

Have you ever heard anything from Iran (IRN) exports and business partners? Who are Iran’s friends? What countries does Iran trade the most with? Which countries have the highest export and import rates?

The important thing to say about Iran (IRN) exports and business partners is that according to statistics in access, more than 95% of Iran’s export targets are related to Asian countries such as Oman, South Korea, Singapore, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, China , India, UAE and Afghanistan. Iran has the most economic exchanges with Asian countries, and if we want to introduce the most popular friends of Iran as business partners, we should mention the countries of China, Iraq, UAE, Turkey and India. These countries respectively have the highest import rate of Iranian products. Contact our experts to learn about food exports to Europe

The countries that export goods to Iran are more diverse. Therefore, Iran’s business partners are more diverse in this sense. The United Arab Emirates, China, Turkey, India, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Pakistan, England and the Netherlands are among the countries from which most imports are made to Iran. These countries account for 85% of imports to Iran, and after them, South Korea, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Italy are among the countries that have significant exports to Iran.

Transportation to Aggregate exports from Iran

It is always a question for the exporters of goods from Iran, what are the methods of transportation from Iran? What are the methods for transporting export goods from Iran? Since Iran has water borders in addition to land borders, the transportation methods from Iran can be considered to include land methods including road method, rail method, and sea method. Of course, there is another method for transportation from Iran, which is the air method. However, the air method has a very high cost and is often not the first option for shipping from Iran.

In some cases, the method of transportation from Iran is done in a combined way. This means that part of the route is traveled by road and another part by air, or part by rail and part by sea.

Transportation methods from Iran can be considered to include methods such as CARRIER and FORWARDER. In the carrier method, a reliable and trusted person or company delivers the export cargo to the destination and undertakes to carry the cargo from zero to one hundred. In the forwarder method, the middlemen are responsible for transporting the goods. Intermediaries are placed between the goods exporter and shipping companies, and the shipping process is carried out from Iran. Contact our experts to find out about exporting food to Australia

Find an active dealer and supplier

In order to be successful in exporting, it is necessary to find active sellers and suppliers. For this, you need to personalize your interactions. You must have the ability to communicate with suppliers in different applications and be familiar with the principles of negotiation.

You can find an active seller and supplier when you have mastered negotiation techniques and are able to network. For this purpose, you have to have wide and extensive connections and constantly interact with buyers from different countries and most importantly, maintain this interaction in some way. Benefiting from the presence of expert consultants in the field of public relations and business will help you in this direction.

Aggregate exports from Iran

Exporting from Iran requires some common permits. For example, the commercial card is one of the necessary permits for export. The holder of the commercial card has the right to cross-border trade. For information on food exports to Canada, contact our experts.

To obtain a business card, you should go to the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Industry and Civilization. Issuing license, sales certificate, shot card, purchase list, bill of lading, health and quarantine certificate, standard license, environmental and agricultural license, atomic energy certificate, baling form, inspection certificate, insurance policy and certificate of origin, among other important certificates for It is a Aggregate exports from Iran.

Aggregate exports from Iran include oil and non-oil exports. The largest volume of Iran’s non-oil exports is food products such as agricultural products, fish and shrimp, mushrooms, pistachios and nuts, food products, protein products, dairy products and saffron.

Iran’s export partners

Many countries aim to Aggregate exports from Iran or imports to Iran. However, not all of them can be called Iran’s export partners. Iran’s export partners are those countries that have the highest export and import rates.

Among these countries, we can mention UAE, Iraq, China, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, India, Kuwait and Armenia. Most of Iran’s export partners are in Asia. Contact our experts to find out about food exports to Germany

Iran’s export restrictions

In order to be successful in Aggregate exports from Iran , you must know the export restrictions of this country. Of course, it is good news to know that the restrictions on Aggregate exports from Iran are becoming less and less. Iran’s export restrictions are usually announced by the trade development organization to the relevant bodies.

Therefore, you should always listen to Iran’s export restrictions. Iran’s export restrictions are closely related to sanctions. For example, petrochemical products were subject to export restrictions until recently, and now their export is conditionally free. You can get in touch with our experts in Paya Group for a successful and principled export and get the best advice.